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Cyber security – why choose an MSSP?

Cyber security threats and successful attacks have exploded in the last few years and since 2013, 7.1 billion data records have been breached. Unfortunately, the sheer scale and pace of cyber threats means companies are struggling to protect themselves from increasingly sophisticated threats.

As an industry, cyber security is facing a serious skills shortage. According to McAfee’s recent report ‘Hacking the Skills Shortage’ there are currently at least 1 million cyber security related jobs unfilled.

At United Security Providers we offer managed security services (MSSP) to help enterprises operate and monitor their security infrastructure. We offer a ready-made alternative to building your own in-house team of cyber security experts. Given that an in-house cyber security team of ten employees could cost in the region of €750,000 a year, outsourcing to a managed security service provider could save you over €550,000 a year.

Our specialists for your IT-Security

Our comprehensive set of managed services provides everything you need for 24/7 security in your web-applications and IT-infrastructure. At United Security Providers we have all of the cyber security specialist knowledge, concentrated in one company, along with certified training in security tools and ITIL processes. This team of domain specialists will work in a collaborative way with your existing staff, to fully augment your security needs.

As a starting point, we suggest using our Vulnerability Scan to check if your website or business application is secure. Our vulnerability scan will expose any vulnerabilities for you, before a hacker can exploit them. It’s completely free and a summary report of your website’s vulnerability will be promptly sent to you via email.

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