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What have successful companies done differently when it comes to digitalisation? Who are the winners in digitalisation? Who are the significant losers? Digitalisation has reshuffled the deck. Those who were once market leaders are losing ground, the digital stars are taking over the reins. Competition is intensifying. Customers have redefined their demands on the availability and quality of information and services and can easily compare local providers with offers from all around the world. Processes on the supplier side are becoming leaner. In brief: anyone not joining the digital battle will be swept aside by the digitalisation wave. That’s life.

Webinar: Digitalisation deluxe – be secure in your success

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Murphy’s Law rescinded

Murphy’s Law famously states “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.Not good prospects. But whether you belong with the winners or the losers in digital transformation is not a matter of chance. There are solutions. Solutions that are so good that it is pretty much only your best friend who would whisper them down your ear with his hand over his mouth. I should like to let you in on just this secret in my webinar: Digitalisation deluxe – be secure in your success

Yes, it is about security

When my company has something to say, it is about IT security. And is that often something for the nerds only? There is much more than that in my latest webinar, „Digitalisation deluxe – be secure in your success“, I promise.

When logging in gets fancy

When users are happy because logging in to an intranet, extranet, portal or business app is so easy. When staff can work anywhere, any time, and seamlessly across media. When processes run as smooth as silk. When customers trust you, because they know that their data is protected against unauthorised access. Then you will soon be one of the leaders in digitalisation.

Digitalisation needs Leadership

Do you have the responsibility for business development in your company? Is the success of your company close to your heart – because of your job, or simply because you are a winner and failure is just not an option for you?

Free webinar for leaders

Seize the opportunity and participate in my free webinar “Digitalisation deluxe – be secure in your success” to gain an overview of what digitalisation means today and how you can be sure to come out on the winners‘ side.
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